Kamis, 06 Januari 2011


Recently, i have just discovered one new meaning about bachelor. Ok, actually it’s not really ‘new’ meaning from bachelor, but it’s just me who just already found out about it :P

Bachelor, actually, it’s not just the degree man achieved after graduating their formal education (usually 4 years college)-MerriamWebsterDict, but bachelor also has the meaning a person who can study by him/herself, independently. that was my lecturer's words. Besides, bachelor also has the meaning unmarried man (but i won’t talk about this topic now)

i have just blogwalking to my friend’s blog to another, and i found an awesome writing from my friend. He wrote a critical post about what we actually get from go to the college. His post titled 'Why Go Through Academia?' succesfully blow my mind and made me think, what actually i get from college?

In his post, my friend wrote, what we learn now in the college will be out of date by the time we get the degree. knowledge is developing and increasing rapidly nowadays. So if people going to college to get the knowledge, it means they have paid for nothing in the future because their skill won’t be useful anymore! So what actually the reason that makes people going to college? I’m pretty sure a lot of people will answer, they want the degree or the status.

In college life, we face bittersweet moments. People said that campus life is the semi-real life. After we graduate from college, we will face more hectic life, more competitive life, more knowledge about life that we will get and so on. So college basically is a preparation camp for people and make them ready to face their life, independently.

So that’s the point, after studying for 4 years at college, and tasted a lof of bittersweet moments, people will get the bachelor degree, the confession from education institution that a person can study by him/herself, independently.

There’s actually a definition about bachelor, in my opinion.
The fact above, also makes me think about people out there that with their own constraint, can’t made it into college. Sometimes i met many skillful beggar, in kober, in the train, in the train station, in the public transportation, or even in front of my home, they not just only singing as they want with whatever voice they can make, but they also play instrumental music, like violin, trompet, saxophone, or guitar. and they are brilliant in making good music!

I’m just guessing (and i’m sure it’s near to the truth), that they don’t get formal class to learn about playing instrument, and i’m pretty sure they not attend music courses because it’s so expensive that they can’t afford. So they must be learn about it by themselves, independently.

I have a neighbour, Her nama is Mrs. Yanuar, every people at my neigbourhood know that she have a brilliant and crazy awesome skill in cooking, every people know that Mrs Yanuar is identic with delicious and interesting foods and beverages, and the fact that she never get the formal education to have her ability also makes me think..
In this world, there are a lot of bachelor, the bachelor that really finish his/her 4 years college in formal education institution, and the bachelor who succesfully found out what skill they have and develop it. So to become a bachelor, people not always have to study in formal institution, but just give your commitmen, willingness, and spirit if you want to study and have ability about something.

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Rama mengatakan...

good boy :)
and im "pretty sure" that you can develop your skill (independently)

keep spirit jarjit, inget kita angkatan 31 (bukan 32) :p

fajar sulistyaningsih mengatakan...

hahahaha keep spirit juga ya raaam,
you can improve your skill independently juga lhooo

haha iya maaf ram td siang gue khilaf, gara2 si kemal gue jd grogi hahaha

Siti Aisyah Rachmawati mengatakan...

eh tapi institusi pendidikan gives a lot to your personality lohh

fajar sulistyaningsih mengatakan...

haha iyaa kok siit, aku tauuu
ini kan cuma pemikiran konyol aja, di mataku sebenernya sekolah gt penting kok biar ga ansos gt
tp buat orang2 yg ga mampu sekolah, mereka tidak harus menempuh itu kalo mau menjadi seorang 'sarjana kehidupan' hehe