Jumat, 01 April 2011

me and my clarinet

playing clarinet recently become my new hobby. That instrument always attract my interest everyday, and i always look for spare time between my daily busy activities just to practice it. I always want to hold it everyday, play with it, make music with it. eventhough i only have a few minutes to do.

My first introduction with clarinet was on December last year. I am a member of Mahawaditra, an orchestra of University of Indonesia. Few months before, i have just accepted to become new member on the string section, violin. I don’t know from where I got the idea, accidentally I have a desire to learn Clarinet. I know in Indonesia there are only a few number of Clarinetist and become an expert Clarinetist maybe isn’t an awesome thing here in Indonesia. But I got the opportunity, I am a Mahawaditra member and I have the chance to play a Clarinet usefully and become a Clarinetist in an orchestra.

With that conditions, I starterd to practice Clarinet last December, using my sister’s Clarinet. Actually there is also a long story behind the Clarinet. She didnt buy the Clarinet herself, it was given by her host family when she was being an exhange student at U.S.A. It was her host family who introduce Clarinet to her, they even took my sister to have a private lesson with a Clarinet teacher with their money, which is so expensive. Before that experience, (like my thought also) my sister's knowledge about Clarinet is just a music instrument that played by Squidward at SpongeBob’s Squarepants. When my sister still in U.S.A, she used to play in a marching Band and took a woodwind class, but when she came back to Indonesia, she’s losing her interest to learn Clarinet because she think an expert Clarinetist isn’t a useful thing here because the instrument is not popular. Eventhough she still practice it with herself and also teaches me a lot of techniques to play Clarinet.

Different with my sister, I have a big interest to learn Clarinet and become a Clarinetist, don’t know why. That’s the reason why I always trying to practice everyday. Later, i have just got the information from my Clarinetist friend that Clarinet is also such an expensive things, and my Clarinet price maybe reach 20 million! But I got it for free, alhamdulillah. That thing makes my willing to learn Clarinet grow more. I know I’m such a very amateur Clarinetist, and in Mahawaditra some of my friends who have studied Clarinet earlier than me are more capable to play a lot of songs, but i will not lose my spirit to learn it. This April I will join a Home Concert performed by Mahawaditra, eventhough I just play in a small part, i hope this is the start to me to become a real Clarinetist. Wish me luck :)

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keren. amin amin, semoga ya jar. SEMANGAT!

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kangen jar